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For utilizing this Template, you would require fundamental comprehension of HTML, CSS and Javascript, if you don't mind give your inquiry a brisk Google or visit W3Schools as topic issues get top need.

File Structure
  • dist
  • src
    • assets
      • images
      • js
      • scss
    • demos
      • apps
      • components
      • dashboards
      • pages
    • vendors
    • index.html
  • tools
    • gulp
    • gulpfile.js
    • package.json
    • package-lock.json

You can seen above a arrangement of files for this project. You can discover this project by this folders

Their are two main folders one is src and second one is tools. In src folder we are included all the source and tools folder represent gulp files and package json file for node module installation so Do not modify tools folder

NOTE: dist is final folder to upload on your server we are added just for understand this template.